Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Kuau Point

Yesterday I scored yet another Kuau point. In order to score a point, you must launch from the Kuau channel and intend to return through the channel but for whatever reason, miss the channel and end up coming back around the corner, down wind. 
My day started well, training for the 15K Harbor to Harbor, my training partner and I ran 9 miles of hills.  Then, when I saw the wind and waves were up, Russ and I didnt hesitate to quickly rig and charge.  I had a few great runs and I remember thinking to myself, "if I break down now, I will be happy because I am having so much fun now." Maybe that thought jinksed it because the next wave I went for wiped me out and held me under. I was already tired and couldnt seam to get back to my gear for a while and when I did get to it on the inside, I was so far down wind and around the corner where the wind is very light.  Looking at the sets coming in, they were at least mast high with little to no break in between sets. I counted my losses and just swam for the shore. Luckly there were some local fisherman to help pull my gear out of the shore break. 
None the less, it was a great day! :)

ps- yes, I am in the lead for the Kuau Cup :)

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