Saturday, October 17, 2009

Helicopter Photo Shoot!

On Saturday, Windsurfing Magazine surprised the test team with a helicopter photo shoot. Thanks to Dakine I had my bright pink rash guard that was helpful for the photographer, Eric Aider, to see from the sky. Being that close to a helicopter was probably top on my list of coolest feelings ever! (for lack of better words). The wind was relatively light, just able to plane, and the heli was able to give that extra little boost to get going fast. I felt comfortable enough to smile and wave to the camera from most angles. I cant wait to see the pictures. 
When he was done in the air, Eric got in the water to take some shots. This was fun for the whole test team to do laps around him together. I think there will be some amazing pictures for the magazine. 

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  1. Wow, Sam! You go girl! I didn't know you were in the test team! That's great! What kind of brands and material did you tested? I'm very curious to those pictures from the fotoshoot! You're sponsored now?
    In december-january I can go sailing for like a month. Maybe I'm going to South Afrika but Maui of course is a very nice opportunity too! The only thing about Maui is that you're not certain of wind I guess??
    But how is life over there? Still a lot of sailing days? It's boring here in Holland. Except......last sunday I had a nice sailsession, but the waves are very different than in Maui. Not that clean and it's getting pretty cold.
    Hope to hear from you soon!