Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maiden Voyage for the 3.7

The last two days have been soo much fun! Still blowing Kona. Monday I sailed at Kuau on my new 3.7M sail. It was the fist time to use my new sail and I had a blast! It took me a while to get out past the waves, but on the outside there were loads of ramps to practice jumping with my left foot forward. Then yesterday I went out at lowers and had all day to play. What fun! I stayed on the outside for quite a while before I braved the waves but when I got my first wave, it was addicting and spent the second half of my session just attempting to ride wave after wave. Im sure it didnt look like much, but i was having a blast! Its fun to ride in Kona winds because everyone is at a disadvantage and everyone is screwing up and laughing at each other. I had some pretty good hits to the reef and some new proud scars on my legs and feet:) Today pretty light but i am headed down now to check it out.

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