Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes, Another Kuau Point

Yesterday I got so stoked to go sailing, event though there was not so much wind. I was hanging out before hand at Hookipa where the film crew was for the new Windsurfing Movie. A few of the stars were there and getting ready to go out, despite the lack in wind. I sat waiting so long, I had to have some fun for myself. So I drove down to Kuau, rigged up and went out. It took me a bit but I finally got out through the waves way down wind of the channel. I worked my way up and the first wave I caught took me out. It was the kind where the wind gets knocked out of you and then you are held under for a bit. Fun. . . Regardless, I got in a spot around the corner with no wind and had to swim in to make it to work on time. Thanks to Russ for helping me get to work!

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