Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yesterday I sailed Hookipa for the first time since last summer. I have never sailed there with waves and I was supper nervous to go out. My good friend, Ingrid, pushed me to go out and I am really glad she did. I was literally shaking when launching but it was a piece of cake! I spent a long time downwind from the action until I felt comfortable then I moved in on the waves. I was sailing with Kevin Pritchard, Kauli Seadi, Anrde Paskowski, and many more stars. It was not big by any means but very exciting for me to be at that location with those people. What a rush! I ended up staying out for nearly 3 hours because I was having so much fun and also because I was a bit nervous to come back in. When I finally did, it was so easy! The small, tiny shore break lifted me up and set me gently on the sand. Sweet!

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