Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hello, How Are You?

Social media has taken over. Its been YEARS since I wrote on my blog site.  Life is great here in Sam Bittner land. :)

A bit of what has happened over the past few years:

Scotty and I have been enjoying traveling the world together and have gone on trips to Oregon, Seattle, Ireland, Panama and New Zealand.  Its been a real treat to have such an incredible person by my side through these adventures.
I took on a full time job at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center as Events Coordinator for the past year but have chosen to step back into directing the tour and other events on Maui full time.
NAME CHANGE: American Windsurfing Tour to International Windsurfing Tour.
The tour is thriving with 10 stops for this 2017 season starting up in April.

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